Friday, January 4, 2008

IKEA shopping-list

I wanted to show you a couple of items on my IKEA shopping-list. Besides the kitchen there won't be that much, because we are taking most of our furniture with us and money is tight. However some things just don't fit into the house. Like right now we have no storage space in our living room, except for DVDs, however we have a long hallway which I packed with Billys that holds a lot of our books, games and decorative items. The house has a tiny hallway in which you can't really put anything so I want to get this Besta combination to hold our games and hopefully most of our books (we read a lot). It will go all the way up to the ceiling.
Our bathroom has a tiny empty corner that I am wanting to use for storing towels and such. I don't have much room depth-wise, so instead of building something, I found this CD/DVD cabinet, called Bertby. I think that will look pretty cool:
For the top floor we will get some low Expedit bookcases, because besides being my favorite design they are exactly the attic wall height. I want a dark one for my room and some light ones for Damien's room.
I can't wait to go to IKEA. *sigh*


Joy said...

You crack me up... I cant wait to see your house done.. I am going to Ikea this weekend.. I am so excited.. it has been probably 15 years since I have been there.. we just had one built about 1.5 hours away from us.. woohooo.

Jenny said...

I've never been to an Ikea! We don't have one near us. The stuff you've picked out looks great! :)

Kammie said...

I went to Ikea today, and go there quite a lot too! Today we got a butcher block cart for the kitchen. I look forward to seeing the progress of your house. Thanks so much for the freebie posts.

Liddy said...

ich schreib mal auf Deutsch :D
Coole idee deine Ikea seite.
Noch cooler das Programm womit du den Schrank gemacht hast :D
Magst du mir verraten welches Programm das war??? Ich schätze einen von den IKEA Plannern, nur bei mir sind die alle nur schwarz/weiß und ich kann die nicht so schön eindekorieren wie du das getan hast.
Könntest du mir helfen???

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