Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Week 4

Sunday, December 16th
We were at work in the house again for a couple of hours, but in the afternoon we relaxed at Chris' parents and rested our arms.

Monday, December 17th
We both have to work today, so nothing is happening at the house.

Tuesday, December 18th
The heating installers, Karsten Bruche and his helper Tom, started to put up our new central-heating boiler. Instead of two separate gas boilers, we are going for one large gas condensing boiler with two separate heating circuits and hot water via solar panels. That means they also have to put a pipe in our chimney, because condensing boilers don't create enough heat as the old boilers used to.
The container guy came by and picked up his full container. The plasterboards are hazardous waste, so this will probably cost us a small fortune.Credits: frame & staples from Cherish add-on by Gina Marie Huff available at WeedsAndWildflowersDesigns.com;

Wednesday, December 19th
The heating installers are working on our new heating boiler. In the meantime my mom picked up my grandma and they drove up to Saarbruecken. Together we looked at some kitchens for my grandma and we went to the bathroom showroom, where I showed them what I picked out for her bath. It's going to have a large walk-in shower with a grab handle and a higher than standard toilet. I also got some new ideas for our kitchen, so in the evening I sat down and planned it yet again. We have decided to go with the extreme dark IKEA kitchen (Nexus black-brown) in combination with white counter-tops and some white glass doors (Rubrik white). We are aiming at a sleek lounge look and feel. Kind of like this one from the IKEA homepage:

Thursday, December 20th
Karsten and Tom finished our new gas condensing boiler. Not only were they fast, and the nicest heating installers that made us an offer, but they were the cheapest too! So if anybody in the Saarland region is reading this and needs some help with their heating system, drop me a line via email and I'll gladly give you the contact data.Credits: frame and staples from Cherish add-on by Gina Marie Huff available at WeedsAndWildflowersDesigns.com;

Friday, December 21th
Finally I'm off work for Christmas (till New Year's Day). Christian and I worked in the house today, slotting the walls on the top floor.

Saturday, December 22th
My dad and Siggi drove up from Birkenfeld to work on the water pipes. Yves, the electrician, put in the electrical and network cables on the top floor. Christian, his dad and I took off the concrete behind the tiles in the bathrooms and removed the gas water heaters that were in both bathrooms. Christian and I also started to take off the kitchen floor tiles.Credits: frame from Cherish add-on by Gina Marie Huff available at WeedsAndWildflowersDesigns.com;
On the way back my dad not only took Damien with him, but he also took all the bags full of insulation with him to bring them to the garbage recycle yard. His trailer was full to the brim. After dropping Siggi off at home and bringing Damien to my mom, he went to he recycle yard. My poor dad got home after 10pm after unloading all the insulation bags by himself. Thanks dad.

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Gunhild Storeide said...

Wauw, that kitchen look gorgeous! Just the style I like too, simple yet elegant and the colours are just beautiful. Please show us more pictures later... :-)